Hackberry - Missing Child Policy

Policy Statement  
The safety and security of students within our care is paramount at Hackberry. Every care is taken to ensure that students are accounted for at all times whilst in our care.
A register is taken on arrival at Hackberry, by the Hackberry staff. Staff are aware of the location of the children in their care at all times.
The register is taken again in the afternoon.
When on excursions off the school premises, staff implement strategies to maximise the safety and security of the children in accordance with the school’s visits policy. Full risk assessments are carried out.
A list of all the student names is carried by the trip leader and the students are split into small groups according to the proper staff/pupil ratio for the age of the children and the purpose of the trip or activity.
Each group is managed by a separate member of staff. The number of children is checked regularly by frequent roll calls. However, in the unlikely event that after a roll call or at another time it is noticed that a child has gone missing, whether in the unit or out: The following procedure will be followed.
• Staff will maintain safety and well-being of other children
• A roll call will be taken
• Staff will search the immediate vicinity or school grounds. Going to places at which the child was last seen, tracing the routes that they may have taken.
• If the child is not found after approximately 5 minutes, staff will endeavour to contact the parents of the missing child by telephone.
• If after approximately 10 minutes the parents have been unable to be contacted, staff will contact the police.
• Once the police arrive all relevant information about the child will be given. The police will then take over the search.
• If off-site, the Group Leader will remain with the police to comfort the child when found and maintain regular contact with the school.
• The remaining staff will return to the school with the rest of the children if off-site. When the situation has been resolved, the Unit Manager and Management team will review the reasons for this event happening and revise measures if necessary.
Moving between the Hackberry unit to School or Vice Versa Hackberry staff will check up to see whether a child leaving the school or unit arrives at the destination school stated.
After a school holiday the check-up will be made. If the child has not arrived or registered with the destination school or with Hackberry depending on the route and at which point during the learning day, then Hackberry (nominated member of staff) will inform the referring school and parents and follow the above procedure.
Student Leave the school site
Safeguarding Lead informed immediately
Parents and main school informed
Hackberry Staff to try and locate student
If unable to locate the student the police are to be contacted with students details and whether vulnerable or LAC.
Parent/Carer’s and main school to be kept informed

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