Hackberry - Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure July 2019

Under the Education Act 2002 provisions are required to have an approved procedure for dealing with complaints relating to the provision and to any community facilities or services that Hackberry provides.    
At Hackberry staff are dedicated to giving all students the best possible education and caring properly for their health, safety and welfare at all times. We are committed to working closely with parents/carers and believe that Hackberry, school and parents/carers must work together in partnership to help students gain the most from their time with us.
Communication, written or spoken, is valued as part of the partnership between home and Hackberry. Co-operation between parents/carers, staff leads to a shared sense of purpose and a good atmosphere in Hackberry. Hackberry aims to provide as many opportunities to keep parents/carers informed and involved in student progress as it possibly can. However, we recognise there may be times when parents/carers feel that Hackberry is not acting in the best interest of their child. If you would like to make a complaint regarding Hackberry:
Ensure a member of staff is aware of the complaint verbally, Hackberry will try and ensure that the complaint can be rectified immediately.
If the issue cannot be resolved in the first instance please put the complaint in writing to Hackberry and the student’s school.
A meeting will be arranged through the student’s school to rectify the complaint.

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