Hackberry - Code of Conduct

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations. Without an orderly atmosphere effective learning
cannot take place. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behaviour throughout Hackberry.
Courtesy, good manners and consideration for others, together with self discipline and a proper
respect for authority are encouraged at all times and are important if we are to make Hackberry a
true, caring community. We place great emphasis on praising children for politeness and kindness to
others. Awards are given for outstanding work or actions.
Hackberry will bring any serious breach of discipline or any disruptive behaviour to the attention of the
parents concerned and the student’s school. An appropriate course of action will be decided upon.
A copy of the behaviour policy is also available on our website.
Our Rules are explained fully in this.
The Code of Conduct clearly states what behaviour is acceptable and what is not acceptable, i.e.
Hackberry ‘rules’.
All young people are expected to make a full contribution to Hackberry and support the positive
endeavours of all its members. Rules are essential for the benefit of all in any community and we try
to keep these as simple as possible, but we do expect them to be kept. They are:
1. Everyone should behave in a responsible manner and are expected to do what they are told,
when they are told, whilst under our care.
2. Consideration, courtesy and respect, should be shown at all times.
3. Everyone should always try to understand other people’s point of view
4. Everyone is expected to make it as easy as possible for all to learn and for the staff to teach,
whether this takes place inside or outside Hackberry.
5. Everyone should always show friendship, kindness and care to others.
6. Everyone should be sensible when at Hackberry.
7. Everyone should always speak politely to each other and all adults.
8. Hackberry should be a welcoming place of which we can be proud.
9. Everyone should take pride in their appearance and possessions and have respect for other
10. Everyone should remember that the Hackberry’s reputation depends on the way they behave.
11. Everyone should make every effort to attend and be punctual.
These rules are designed for the safety of all children:
1. Climbing on walls, gates and fences is not allowed.
2. Chewing gum and dangerous items are not permitted at Hackberry.

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